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I’m glad that you found your way here. Busy spring 2021 ahead: I’m running for Espoo city council again
My name is Elina Wanne. I am mother, sustainability development manager, musician, engineer, coach, outdoor enthusiast,  dog owner, community actionista, member of school board etc. I have been entrepreneur and helping other start-ups to flourish.
I believe that anyone can be a power player. And anyone can ignite change in his/her own living environment but also in his/her own community and city.

I believe that I can be a power player in my everyday life: my main goal is to achieve better life and living environment in Espoo for us all. I have two kids, one still attending Espoo International School and the other in lukio. I believe in Espoo that is safe, vital and international. I will write more about these topics in my blog.

First comes meeting people, and then all you have to do is listen. From all that you listen and learn you get the whole picture. In my work I have learned how to take initiative, how to find the right people to contact, how to co-operate, and how to take ideas from plan to action. These learnings I am using widely in my life.

If you have any ideas, concerns or anything you would like to share, please, do not hesitate to contact me by email elina (at) or call me +358 50 517 1171.

Please do use your right to vote!